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Healthy, active children and families as the culture in Petersburg.


Joining together to improve children’s health through consistent access to fruits &
vegetables and understanding of healthy food.


  • Working with children, youth, and their family support system to reduce obesity and related chronic disease.
  • Providing equal access to nutrition education and local, healthy, and affordable food to all people in Petersburg regardless of income.
  • Treating everyone, including the HCAT team members, with courtesy, honesty, respect, and inclusiveness, assuring that everyone’s opinion is heard and valued.
  • Staying on track, documenting our work, and letting our common mission guide our decision making.
  • Listening to each other and to our community members, especially the youth we serve.
  • Focusing on the whole child, including their environment, physical and emotional health, family, and unique interests.
  • Sharing resources, being open-minded to creative solutions, finding common ground, and using successful practices from other communities to move our work forward and achieve sustainability.

Petersburg HCAT