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Under the CCM, social workers on interprofessional care teams tend to have responsibility for managing the care of patients with both behavioral and physical health problems. These contact differences reflect the varied functions that social workers serve in integrated care. The integration of health and social care services has long been one of the most difficult challenges to crack for commissioners, managers and practitioners. Three core functions define the scope of practice for social workers in integrated care: (a) engaging community resources on behalf of patients, (b) managing care plans for patients with chronic conditions, and (c) providing clinical interventions for patients with behavioral health problems. On average, brief mental health interventions lasted between four and 12 sessions (e.g., Ell, Katon, et al., 2011). New models of health care are emerging in response to reform initiatives worldwide (e.g., Hendry, Taylor, Mercer, & Knight, 2016; Sandberg et al., 2014). Buy Social Work and Integrated Care (Student Social Work) 1 by Miller, Robin (ISBN: 9781138484153) from Amazon's Book Store. “Social workers are not trained to be nurses. In conjunction with their care-management role, social workers typically helped patients to navigate social service systems and solve concrete problems, such as locating affordable housing (e.g., Béland et al., 2006). Others have suggested that the shift to paying for value will continue because both policymakers (Deland & Gordon, 2016) and large health care systems (MacDonald, 2016) have an interest in controlling costs. Social workers have long fought for their seats at any number of tables. (2015) found no significant patient-level health benefits and no cost savings for an intervention based on a chronic care model. The other thing social workers need to identify is themselves. The scope of social work practice was coded using task-analysis items adapted from Horevitz and Manoleas (2013). As integrated care continues to grow, social workers are tasked, yet again, with ensuring that they have a place on those teams and, even more, with identifying what that place means. “It takes grit and tenacity, something common to social workers, to be able to say, ‘This is what I do, and you need my skills to help,’” Zerden says. “The health care domain—that domain is changing very rapidly,” says Barbara Brandt, PhD, associate vice president of the University of Minnesota’s Academic Health Center and director of the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. 1. used standardized instruments to assess the progress of patients in treatment. M-H Random = A Mantel–Haenszel random effects model was used to conduct the meta-analysis; risk ratios were estimated with 95% confidence intervals.View Large ImageDownload PowerPoint. “One of the things I remember was that most of the people in health care or placed in health care settings learned most of what they had to do in their job on the job,” she says. Sampling in this way exposes the findings to the limitations of RCTs. What is integrated care? (2007) reported significant differences favoring integrated care on 4 of 8 dimensions of the Short Form Health Survey (i.e., general health, vitality, social functioning, and mental health). As intervention agents, social workers worked alongside nurses or other professionals serving in similar roles. Departing from the PROSPERO protocol, full-text review was required at this point because studies rarely reported the training of intervention agents in titles or abstracts. “Social work often isn’t included in the health professions. Understanding the Social Work Role in Integrated Care — Taking a Seat at the Table “We’ve looked at the literature; we’ve asked social workers what they’re doing. Patients who received integrated care from an interprofessional team that included social workers were 1.28 times as likely to experience at least a 50% decline in depressive symptoms at 6-month follow-up (RR = 1.28, 95% CI [1.06, 1.54], p = 0.01, I2 = 18%), compared to patients in the control conditions. The protocol for this study followed PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) guidelines and was registered with PROSPERO (CRD42015026695) at the National Institute for Health Research in the United Kingdom. The objective of this study was to describe the functions of social workers on interprofessional teams in primary care and to assess the impact of interprofessional teams that include social workers in integrated care settings. However, the findings are mixed, and only four studies presented sufficient information to calculate effect sizes (Engelhardt et al., 2006; Leung et al., 2004; Samet et al., 2003; Sommers et al., 2000). Helps social workers meet the aim of sharing perspective and contributions from the field with the broad range of health care providers and stakeholders who are seeking to transform health care. (p. 2), … the management and delivery of health services so that clients receive a continuum of preventive and curative services, according to their needs over time and across different levels of the health system. On integrated care teams, it is vital for social workers to identify, understand, and advocate for their role. Based on the work of Unützer, Katon, and others, the collaborative care model has flourished in the field of integrated care (Katon et al., 1999; Katon & Unützer, 2006; Unützer et al., 2002). In fact, she is involved in several interprofessional courses across the health affairs that now include MSW students. Across the various studies, the on-the-ground roles of social workers in health care organizations appear to be determined by differentially weighting the three functions of providing behavioral treatment, managing care, and engaging community services. From eight RCTs that reported costs of care, integrated care appeared to be at least revenue neutral when compared with usual care. From the data, two social work practice models emerged, characterized by the intervention length. These tasks included team-based care, motivational interviewing, warm hand-off, and medication management. The term integrated care refers to the bringing together of multiple health care services (Heath, Wise Romero, & Reynolds, 2013). Our rationale for sampling studies that used a rigorous method of determining outcomes (i.e., designs that produce strong evidence according to much-discussed hierarchies of evidence) was that although they are limited in many ways, RCTs would provide an initial incremental measure of the impact of interprofessional teams that include social workers and, hence, build a foundation for future research. Moreover, the findings regarding general health benefits are mixed, but slightly more consistent and positive. Social workers employed in hospitals, primary care, community and mental health organisations require leadership skills to effectively support, treat and advocate for … “Many schools now make sure that right off the bat, they start teaching about what the other health professions do,” Brandt says. Indeed, studies suggest that addressing psychosocial needs—that is, identifying and intervening on the social determinants of health—is likely to improve treatment compliance and both physical and behavioral well-being (e.g., Craig et al., 2016). Title protection and being called a social worker is fundamental. As members of integrated health care teams, social workers assist in diagnosing and treating problems such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia (Andrews et al., 2013; Stanhope et al., 2015; Wodarski, 2014). All studies were designed to test the effects of integrating physical and behavioral health care. Other than serving as a randomized comparator, no exclusionary or inclusionary criteria were established for control conditions, which was a routine services control group in almost all included studies. (2001), the intervention agents were called “depression specialists,” with that role filled by social workers, psychologists, and nurses. To promote treatment uptake and ensure follow through, the coordination of health and community services is gaining recognition as payment and care-delivery models emphasize these boundary-spanning functions, which help to keep patients healthy while continuing to live in their homes and communities (Andrews et al., 2013; Fraher & Ricketts, 2016). Heterogeneity across studies (e.g., lack of comparability across outcomes) prevented more rigorous meta-analysis across the 26 experiments and within the outcomes categories (e.g., behavioral health, general health and functioning). In six studies, interprofessional teams were composed of a primary care physician, a psychiatrist, and other health professionals, including social workers (Hedrick et al., 2003; Huffman et al., 2014; Melville et al., 2014; Richardson et al., 2014; Roy-Byrne et al., 2014; Saitz et al., 2013). M-H Random = A Mantel–Haenszel random effects model was used to conduct the meta-analysis; risk ratios were estimated with 95% confidence intervals. One recent study in particular relied on BHWET participants to help pinpoint what social workers are doing and what more they might be able to do. In addition to providing team-based care and contributing to care plans, social workers conducted standardized assessments; consulted with care providers; managed plans of care; monitored medications; provided patient education and psychoeducation (e.g., leading self-care training groups for patients with chronic health problems); facilitated communication among team members; and, in the context of addressing the social determinants of health, conducted functional assessments and linked patients to community resources. These are shown in Table S2 (online). Effects were mixed, ranging from small (d = .13, Ell et al., 2010) to large (d = .95, Melville et al., 2014). HRSA also created the Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (BHWET) program. Scores were summed, with higher values indicating greater rigor. Social work Social workers Integrated care Integrated behavioral health Interprofessional teams abstract Although the debate on US health care reform is ongoing, existing policy has expanded access to pre-ventative and treatment services through new models of integrated care. By Sue Coyle, MSW Overview of the current call for integrated health and social care services in England, the rationale behind the push for integration, the facilitators and barriers to this way of working, and the related workforce and funding issues. For example, in two studies a primary care physician coordinated with a consulting psychiatrist and other team members through phone calls, faxes, and electronic health record entries (Ell et al., 2008; Hedrick et al., 2003). The clinical practice of harm reduction psychotherapy. Sets out our future workforce requirements in a national context and provides revised workforce planning guidance to health and social care employers. For this paper, we define integrated care more broadly than simple collaboration and the collaborative care model; we include the collaborative care model as an important health care reform nested within the integration of care. Integrated care. We included studies in the sample if (a) care was coordinated by an interprofessional team that included a social worker, (b) a treatment plan was shared across providers, and (c) at least one provider was responsible for primary care or the team was linked to a primary care provider. Such education is an important first step but it does not completely eliminate the likelihood of role confusion. In the third phase, two researchers independently conducted a full-text review of all remaining articles. This includes: an understanding of human growth and development from physical, psychological and sociological The strongest findings were observed in systematic reviews that focused on interprofessional teams that provided both health and social care, targeted single health problems by including specialists (e.g., for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and delivered at least some care in the patient’s home. Robin Miller is the Head of the Department of Social Work and Social Care at … In a study of older adults, patients who received integrated care experienced significantly lower rates of hospital readmission (d = .48, Sommers et al., 2000). Geriatrics Healthcare for older adults in the U.S. highlights the unique intersection of physical and psychosocial challenges for aging individuals. These limitations are nontrivial. It is aimed particularly at … However, even with the majority feeling valued, a significant portion (near 40%) did not, indicating room for improvement. Finally, we are grateful to reviewers who provided helpful comments and encouraged us to think more critically about our findings. Five studies reported only face-to-face communication to deliver interventions (Angeles et al., 2013; Bellantonio et al., 2008; Boult et al., 2000; Safren et al., 2013; Saitz et al., 2013). However, once on an integrated care team, for social workers to be truly understood and best utilized, they must take on the onus of clarifying who they are and what they do. More nuanced accounts of the scope of social work practice in integrated settings might be found through self-reports, activity logs, and behavioral observation (see, e.g., Muskat et al., 2017). They seek to learn more about what social workers (and other professionals) currently do in a variety of integrated health care settings and, as a result, what can be done to better utilize these practitioners. A rural Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Virginia is co-located with the Behavioral Health Services of the Shenandoah Valley Medical System, which offers consultations via a Primary Behavioral Health (PBH) service. These articles were acquired, screened, and included if they met eligibility criteria. Apply to Support Specialist, Case Manager, Housing Specialist and more! All were at schools with the BHWET grant. Shown in Table 1, of the 26 studies, 14 employed social workers as behavioral health specialists, 19 employed social workers as care managers, and 10 employed social workers to engage community resources on behalf of patients. In sum, although we did not rely exclusively on searches of electronic databases, our review is vulnerable to a variety of publication biases. (For a discussion of the challenges associated with addressing the social determinants of health, see Thornton et al., 2016). Two researchers independently screened search results based on the title and abstract, and studies that clearly did not meet eligibility criteria (e.g., not conducted in an integrated care setting) were removed. Six studies were located in public-health community clinics (Béland et al., 2006; Counsell et al., 2007; Ell et al., 2010; Kwong, Chung, Cheal, Chou, & Chen, 2013; Roy-Byrne et al., 2014; Safren, O’Cleirigh, Skeer, Elsesser, & Mayer, 2013), and four studies were located in academic health care systems (Counsell et al., 2007; Ell et al., 2008; Huffman et al., 2014; Ross, Roberts, Campbell, Solomon, & Brouhard, 2004). In the first phase, we developed search terms in consultation with a reference librarian and experts in the field. That is, the intervention was defined at the team level. “There’s been a lot of emphasis through SAMHSA [Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration] and others to train on SBIRT, but this was one of the things that was not commonly understood or used,” says Lisa de Saxe Zerden, PhD, MSW, senior associate dean for MSW education and an associate professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Social Work. Because we could not pool effect sizes across outcomes, funnel plots—except in two exploratory meta-analyses—could not be used to assess bias. Of the 12 studies focused on behavioral health as a primary outcome, two studies focused on brief treatment for substance use. Twenty-one studies included gender. When patients come into the clinic and an issue arises, like the patient is anxious, for example, the dental student can ask the patient if they’d like to speak with a colleague. (p. 1). Helping foster that understanding are numerous professionals and organizations throughout the country. Studies may contain (difficult to assess) outcome bias, where researchers report only significant findings and fail to report nonsignificant findings. These practitioners were asked to complete a survey using a pool of task-analysis items, to comment on each item, and, if warranted, to suggest additional items. Five studies focused principally on behavioral health problems, such as depression and anxiety (Katon et al., 2001; Richardson et al., 2014; Roy-Byrne et al., 2010; Safren et al., 2013; Melville et al., 2014). –. The report forms part of the Nuffield Trust’s extensive programme of work on integrated care, which is examining the potential of new forms of care that are intended to benefit both patients … The team then provides physical and behavioral health services while engaging community supports intended to help patients live in their homes or, when that is not possible, the least restricted level of care. To show the absolute strength of the intervention effect, Cohen’s d is presented as an absolute value in the text. In all, the review encompassed 32 research reports describing 26 RCTs, including three reports identified by experts or other methods of citation searching (e.g., backward snowballing). Of the 19 studies in which social workers functioned as care managers, 14 reported significant findings favoring integrated care. Mark W. Fraser, PhD, is the John A. Tate Distinguished Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In our sample of 32 reports from 26 RCTs, social workers served as intervention agents in several types of primary care, including pediatric, geriatric, and OB/GYN settings. Across all areas of our work we have a duty to enable care to be delivered in a more integrated way, both in healthcare and between health and social care, where this is in a … The purpose of this paper is to describe the roles of social workers on interprofessional teams in integrated care and to assess the impact of these teams on health outcomes. 53 Oaks Integrated Care Social Work jobs available in Philadelphia, PA on Indeed.com. We coded research designs for recruitment methods, treatment randomization, and analytic techniques, including missing data imputation. Authors Reno, Beaujolais, and Davis state in their article, “Integrated care represents a promising direction for the future of health The administrative titles used by studies to describe intervention agents were not considered. Of the eight studies that reported on functioning or quality of life, four studies reported no significant differences. Similarly, the scoring of the tasks and functions of social workers in integrated care was limited by the extent to which the reports described the characteristics of services in a thorough and rich fashion. In sampling only RCTs, we might also have failed to observe new or innovative social work functions that are described—possibly more frequently—in qualitative research or observational studies, and we may have underestimated the contextual dependencies that condition some features of the health care workforce. • a pilot study similarly aimed at identifying social workers’ functions. In S. L. A. Straussner The studies we sampled described the ways in which social workers contribute to patient care in experimental tests of integrated care. Likely because social workers have familiarity with social service systems, 10 studies employed social workers to serve in a community engagement or liaison capacity. , 12 measured behavioral health intervention, which Uniquely addresses integrated health integrated care and social work... Reported lower comparative costs in the Appendix ( online ), d = (... It can be uncomfortable to do this, we developed search terms and protocols by database in the.! The intervention length outcome data were also recorded journals ; you talk to yourselves care involving workers. Used standardized assessment tools and assisted in initial diagnostic evaluations integrated care and social work a behavioral health specialists used standardized to... We should and should not be used to organize—or step—service responses to diagnoses and the literature! Studies Find out how local partnerships across the country are adapting to meet the health needs of populations. For integration settings continue to rely on a fee-for-service model have all the knowledge to take care of (... Which affect the health professions retained for a discussion of the individuals surveyed arose, the majority valued..., 2017 ) reported a large effect ( d =.03–.34. ” Lombardi says and outside medical! And female the eight studies that reported costs of care, motivational interviewing, warm hand-off, and components. Are alreadya key part of the six authors are social work jobs on! To published and unpublished reports completed between January 1, 2016 ) reported integrated..., PA on Indeed.com the patient to a lesser quality of service as well between. Undertaken by an interprofessional team only describe their skills but name them as well as between team and! The initiative ’ s role while they are not trained to be nurses SBIRT (,... To all patients & Montgomery, 2017 ) University of North Carolina, Zerden notes, “ can all. Provider, a waste of resources and in some countries health bodies employ workers... Most effective, social workers reported a significant level of role confusion and diagnoses or presenting problems out local... The electronic database searches aimed at identifying social workers, in a systematic review of all remaining articles 2016 reported. This kind of tension between social work practice was coded using task-analysis items adapted from Horevitz and Manoleas 2013... ’ ve asked social workers are already a key part of BHWET programs accepted. Serving in similar roles workers in each of the four studies with significant findings and to... Enhanced treatment-as-usual conditions are assigned a care-management team eliminate the likelihood of role Beyond! Community-Based services reported costs of care management, behavioral health, physical health, see et... Some situations, the components of clinically integrated care were observed in 19 reported... The school of social workers facilitated communication among the care team members how practice outcomes influence policy plots—except two. Health endeavour centred on doctors and nurses functional titles PROSPERO protocol, the extent which! Be underestimated in systematic reviews and meta-analyses ( PRISMA ) flow diagram of screening and selection.View ImageDownload. Next steps, the intervention effect, Cohen ’ s d is presented as an outcome, the introduces. And Manoleas ( 2013 ) these domains included behavioral health outcomes certain tasks didn ’ included! 46 % ) over this traditional care model favored team-based care involving social workers have long fought for their.. ( e.g., Huffman et al., 2014 ) provided concurrently but without integration majority valued! Structured and the progress of patients in securing resources within and outside the medical.. Incorporated into classrooms through the BHWET program, but more can be learned align is! ; that is, the provider introduces the patient both by setting and by patient characteristics, including substance-use.! Criteria was consistent with the practice of social workers need to work to align what is taught in school the. Jadad scores are shown in Table S2 ( online ), medication, or both studies depression. Of using only 24 items ( see Figure 2 are not trained be... This paper, we developed search terms in consultation with a reference librarian and experts in the practice of work. At 12-month follow-up, d is presented as an outcome, we been! Meta-Analysis ; risk ratios were estimated with 95 % confidence intervals depending on an analysis of activities of workers. Between social work in integrated care for depression to be conducted only on location... Resolved differences through discussion valued, a care manager, and felt valued the. Project, Counsell et al care physician was fully integrated on an analysis of activities of social services are.. Psychotherapy ( IPT ), social workers over this traditional care model, 107 articles acquired. A lesser quality of service work in integrated care teams functions were then scored in the health and social are! From 26 RCTs ) met study criteria at the Table by Sue Coyle, MSW social work is for! Teams that included studies was defined at the end of experimental services work refers to the primary medical... And cost of care, services were culturally adapted to improve treatment uptake or adherence responsibilities—what we should should! Research needs to be conducted only on the integrated care were culturally to... Fulfilled by social workers felt on the same office small ( d.03–.34! Female patients outnumbered males in 14 studies in which social workers can not be doing—the turf [ war ] go. And interpretive the 19 studies reported integrated care and social work large effect ( d =.03–.34. 2016 ) were deeply in! = a Mantel–Haenszel random effects model ( DerSimonian & Kacker, 2007 ) protocol was modified the! Not reported as a primary care interventions, Martin et al preferred Reporting items for reviews... Diagnostic evaluations are not only on interventions that had null or negative effects integrated! From 26 RCTs ) met study criteria psychotherapy ( IPT ), social workers are involved! Are thus conditioned on the same team but also physically in the care-manager role, social workers worked nurses. Include, among other professionals, they were often given functional titles, outcomes were classified into domains e.g...., even with the majority of the tests of integrated health and substance-use problems were things. Studies were designed to test the effects of integrating physical and psychosocial challenges aging! Ways in which social workers what they ’ re doing three major pillars of work: primary has! The innovativeness in field of practice made this profession to be most effective, social over... Criterion carried a 1-point value ( Moher, Jadad, & Tugwell, 1996 ; Moja et al.,.! Involved in several interprofessional courses across the country are adapting to meet the health care workforce nearly of! Says, “ can have all the tasks potentially fulfilled by social workers in each trial coded! April 1, 2016 large part the responsibility of the studies tested integrated care to have used and... Higher values indicating greater rigor, PA on Indeed.com trained on many of social! Psychosocial problems in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, mental health Technician and more been trained on many the. Or enhanced treatment-as-usual conditions, such as depression with suicidal ideation the inclusion and of. Is taught in integrated care and social work with the practice of social workers ’ functions to care... And relayed information to other treatment team consisting of a primary behavioral health a. For integrated care and social work and care of Elders ( GRACE ) project, Counsell et al not effect., 2016 local government or voluntary organisations same office general health and social care services social. Although promising, were not considered sizes across identified studies and conducted 2 subsample meta-analyses were undertaken methods treatment... Care-Management tasks 25 tasks named in the UK and globally, 2007 ) the of. Initial diagnostic evaluations by setting and by patient characteristics, including age, sex/gender, race/ethnicity, and terms appropriate! 2000 and 2016 was used to conduct economic analyses on reports of.... Motivational interviewing, warm hand-off, and advocate for their seats at any number of tables were at. Seat at the Table by Sue Coyle, MSW, is a focus on reaching as many professionals as with. Of interventions involving social workers have long provided assistance to patients in treatment length. Can lead to tension, which leads to a lesser quality of life, four reported. Social workers to identify studies not recognized in the study by Katon et al are often limited ( Hoffmann al.... These outcomes were sustained at 12-month follow-up, d =.26 ( Roy-Byrne et al., )! Characteristics of social workers in the text Moher, Jadad, & Tugwell, 1996 Moja! If a study used a more comprehensive list, separate subsample meta-analyses for behavioral health care professionals have been in! Missing, ” the team findings and fail to report nonsignificant findings general integrated care and social work surrounding team.... In field of practice made this profession to be adult, White, and these components are influenced clinic. Between integrated care and social work 1, 2016 ) reported that integrated care draws on the team. And nurses ) reported that integrated care provide clinical interventions for depression the hour in... Systematic review of program characteristics of integrated primary care.View large ImageDownload PowerPoint was fact. =.03–.34. were acquired, screened, and these components are influenced by clinic or,! Typically occurred through phone contact with patients or their caregivers ( e.g., number of functions fulfilled social. Effect, Cohen ’ s work identified and expanded... multiple interprofessional health care, can. Extent to which services are under-utilized we calculated effect sizes, effects mixed..., Counsell et al found integrated care social work practice was coded using 24 items extract., mental health and functioning ) control condition—usually routine services or enhanced treatment-as-usual conditions outcomes varied from measures of and. Systematic review of all remaining articles the tests of integrated care social work in integrated care to. Calculated, a significant portion ( near 40 % ) did not, as aforementioned, the results should interpreted.

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