Welcome to the Petersburg Healthy Community Action Team (HCAT)

What We Are

A $30,000 per year (2018-2023), 5 year project awarded to the City of Petersburg and funded by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth to address childhood obesity. The Petersburg Public Library is the lead agency and fiscal agent. 

Who We Are

Community and organizational members joining together to improve children’s health through consistent access to fruits and vegetables and understanding of healthy food.

What We Do

Listen and respond to each other and to our community members, especially the youth we serve. Our work is done through 3 Work Groups: Food Access, Food Education, and Food Production (gardening/farming).

The Petersburg HCAT’s mission is to improve children’s health through consistent access to fruits and vegetables. We work to increase food access in our community through a variety of programs such as the SNAP Match Program at the River Street Market and the establishment of mobile markets.

We want to inspire the children and youth in our community to love making the healthy choice. We believe that the basis of this is hands-on gardening experiences such as building a take-home bucket garden.

We want to empower children and youth to make healthy choices when it comes to the food and drinks they consume. We do this through taste testing and cooking experiences in schools, community organizations, and the Petersburg Public Library.

Petersburg HCAT